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This company is a complete RIP OFF. They prey on people with less than stellar credit and fee them to death. So $79 annual fee and now being billed $12.00 per month for another $144 per year. NEVER been late on a payment, pay more than my minimum payment and this is how I am treated.

When I called to complain about the increase in fees the rep said she was a supervisor, on her high horse, tells me we went over the fees involved when you signed up. No I was not told $12 per month on top of the $79 per year. Don't speak and tell my facts when you were not there. No ONE discussed the increase to $12. So just to hold their card it cost $223 per year. Your are thieves and take advantage of people. Mr. Miles Beacom - you should be ashamed of yourself. Voted WORST CREDIT CARD TO EVER HAVE. Huge interest rates, high fees and *** customer service.

I'm so glad that I am near getting rid of you all together. I hope First Premier Bank goes down in flames, whether due to being shut down or getting hit with penalties due to high fees and taking complete advantage of people with less than stellar credit.

You are all crooks and criminals.

Product or Service Mentioned: First Premier Bank Credit Card.

Reason of review: First Premier are thieves - they are charging a monthly fee of $12 plus a annual fee of $79.

Monetary Loss: $223.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

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i have been a customer for over ten years. i remember high annual fees and a big government stink over it.

then they went away. ten i stared seeing a $3 fee monthly and didn't think anything of it. then last year i in the hospital a lot and during that time i was also charged a $48 dollar annual fee. when i first found out i could not do anything about it due to surgery.

so now i have the ability to call and ask about it and i was told they charge fees for nothing except to have the card and there is no. thing they will do about that. then she has the nerve to say 'you qualify for a $150 increase and it will only cost you $37.50' i said are you kidding me, fees for the card and to get a rate increase. that is ridiculous.

i am going to close this card through verity credit union. long time customers should not be treated this way.

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