How lame can you be to actually try to defend your position as a customer service rep? It would be one thing if you could spell correctly and use correct grammar, but please...you sound like an uneducated, pathetic little cog in the wheel of First Premier Bank. It appears to me that you are worried about losing your job because people are seeing through the scam that you and your cronies support. You are not that important. This is a site for those that have issues with First Premier Bank and their unethical standards of operation, preying on those that struggle to establish or repair their credit.

I, too, was a former customer of this scam. I decided that I could no longer pay the salaries of those customer service reps who feel that they need to spend their time on a website defending their unethical behaviors.


Review about: First Premier Bank Credit Card.

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Hahahahaha now spelling matters to you, but not when you get terms and conditions in english?


Don't have bad credit haha. Quit it.

They send u the terms and conditions via mail. U have them via website.

U obviously know how to use the website. And u prolly pay more a month just to haveinternet as a luxury.

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