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I never had bad credit. I just never had credit and I'm 64.

So on top of my Bank of America debit card, I have also have now A Bank of America credit card plus a Capital One credit card Plus a milestone credit card which are all good cards for people with bad credit. But again I only have no credit not bad credit. So I got this first premier offer and I was waiting for my card. I got it December 29th 2017.

I was going to activate it in a few days but I was hesitant because they wanted my bank account information. The other credit cards have a piece of tape on the card saying call this number to activate and they take the service charge out of the card. This card did not have a piece of tape on the front which made me hesitate. So the next morning I looked up a lot of reviews on the bank and found them all to be negative.

Why would you activate a card by first giving them your bank account information? The answer is, you wouldn't. I also read a lot of reviews where the bank would still deduct money from their bank account even after they closed their account. So I just now cut up my card and I never activated it and I'm never going to respond to those Banks letters when they're trying to coerce me into joining.

Be forewarned, listen to your first instinct. If you get so much as one red flag, then don't do it.

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Thank you


Thanks for the information, they wants me to send $95 then the funds will be available for me to use. Why should i have to send money first?

So i will not be dealing with them. I also have a Capital One card.

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