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If you want to make First Premier pay attention to these complaints, then as a group we all need to file complaints against them with both the Attorney General's Office of South Dakota and your state's Attorney General's Office. This is how the New York city lawsuit began that caused them to have to pay $4.5 million to people they defrauded. They won't pay attention until you complain to agencies that will actually go after them. Here is the Attorney General of South Dakota's website. Just click complaint and file it. When they get numerous ones they will take action. http://www.state.sd.us/attorney/office/divisions/consumer/default.asp

Also it does not hurt to file a complaint with the Comptroller of the Currency and the FDIC.

Product or Service Mentioned: First Premier Bank Credit Card.

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I am from Ohio and I'm in the process of fixing my credit. I discovered I have 2 accounts in collections from them...and I have never had one of their cards!

I suspect identity theft or fraud, although those are the only 2 I have in collections,how can it show delinquency if I've never had one of their cards. I'm reporting them to the BBB and my states Attorney General.

Charlestown, Indiana, United States #1222316

I pay early every month but yet keep getting charged late fee. they put one of my payments on the wrong month.

bunch of idiots. now they are harassing me. calling my cell phone then my home phone 10 times a day.

I paid 10.00 for October and will continue to pay 10.00 a month until they do away with late charges. I asked for my card to be canceled but I doubt they even canceled it.


This is what happened to me I went and took out some money off my card and I had a $200 limit and I took out a hundred and fifty and the next day they suspended my account and I called and asked them why they had suspended it and they said that I had taken out a large amount of cash from my card and I told him well I have 200 cash advance and they said that it was too much so I called and I called again and they said that for me not to be taking cash advances out because every time I take a cash advance out they were going to suspend it so it's been 5 days and my account is still suspended and I didn't even know it was suspended till I tried using my card and it wouldn't go through so apparently it went to the fraud department and so when I talk to customer care they told me from now on don't take money out just use it to purchase items so I am not too happy right now with this card

Ypsilanti, Michigan, United States #1196902

I have had two premier cards for hthe last 16 months. I have never gone over the limit or paid late.

This month I was a couple days late and when I went to pay I owed 300 dollars on a card with an 800 dollar limit. It was fees and then overlimit charges for processing the fees that they charged. Today I cancelled the card. Which was difficult, on top of it they offered me 45 dollars to stay with them.

This is how it works if you don't read the fine print they will put you in a position where you can't pay off the card because they will keep adding late fees. Currently I paid 100 if I don't have the full 300 paid by Sept 2 they will hit me with a bunch of fees.

Its such a scam, this company needs to be shut down... I have used them before and made the mistake of doing it again..


I have canceled my card with them, yet it's next to impossible to pay off. Minimum amount due is $40.

I've been paying anywhere from $75-150. My balance has only went down $180 in 6 months time paying the amounts I stated above. For example, I paid $100.

Less than $70 went to the balance. At this rate I'll never get rid of this ridiculous debt!


What's the number I make more than the minimum payment monthly and all the sudden the froze my available credit

Los Angeles, California, United States #822045

First Premier Bank, and all collection agencies that follow, trying to collect on that bank's closed accounts: The federal government and all state governments, should move to shut them down. They are predators, liars, with disreputable business practices, and they absolutely cast a dark cloud, on the banking and credit card industries.

This should be forwarded to the U.S.

Attorney General, and the attorneys general of each state in the United States. How many laws and regulations have they broken?

to CSL Los Angeles, California, United States #834224

Heres the trick, lets say you owe First Premier $500, and they are charging you 14.99 for the use of the card a month plus High interest. what you do is send them a letter to cancel your account, and they will write you back saying "in order to cancel account balance must be paid in full.

You then refuse to make anymore payments, as the account goes delinquent, you will then receive a letter from them stating "DO YOU WISH TO SETTLE THIS ACCOUNT FOR LESS THAN WHAT YOU OWE", you say yes, give them 150-200 to settle and tell them to delete the account from the credit bureaus, they most likley will say yes, because little is better than nothing. Make sure you receive a documented letter from them before you send them the agreed payoff settlement, demand this letter from them.

Denver, Colorado, United States #587817

Recevied call from Coolection Department of First Premier Bank. Stated I owed $500.00 + on credit car acct from 2009.

requested copes of the application and so called payments I had made for service. received letter this month stating they can not find not provided application. Stated it was done electronicaly. (Bull ----!) I called and asked what their policy was back in 2009 for electronic applications.

they said after you do a electronic app you have to call in and be provided forms to sign. They do not have them. BOTTOMLINE: they never had an application from me.

They are a corrupt bank. I have filed with the Attorney generals office in SouthDakota and Colorado.


This was very helpful. My card has been suspended for 2 months now .

I've sent in multiple faxes and have also fed ex'd papers in to prove I was paying with my account. I'm seriously over the *** and mixed info they keep giving me.

I will be taking further action. Thanks.


I cant never use the card it never had any money on but turned over for collection


I too have had an issue with First Premier Bank. Unlike many complaints that I have read on the net about them, I have found them at first to act just like any other credit card.

If you pay your bill in full, every month, there are no problems. Since my credit history was bad, I took on this credit card to rebuild my credit. I know that just having a credit card doesn't get you good credit history so I used it and used it often. Every month I paid the bill in full with a debit card with their phone service.

This went on for six months and life was good. One day I go to use the card and it is declined. I call up customer service and the person on the other end was very rude and said my account was suspended due to suspicion of fraud! I ask why and my response was that they wanted to make sure the debit card I was using to pay the credit card with was actually mine.

They could see on the computer that the card was in MY name and not some body else's, yet this wasn't good enough. They need the bank the debit card belongs to to write a letter, on their letter head, stating the card is mine. I asked, if this was a problem, then why was it not a problem until now? If it was really a case of fraud, why would some body else pay off my credit card for me?

If they REALLY suspected something was wrong, then why did they take my money FIRST, then suspend the credit card account? Why am I being punished for paying, should I not pay my bill on time every month? The customer service person had no answers to these questions, other than they were "doing it for my own protection and it was do to high dollar transactions." Is a $250 payment really considered "high dollar" these days. My electric bill is higher than that!

What a rip off! Imagine a credit card company being pissed for paying your bill.

Maybe I paid my bill to often and they couldn't get enough interest off of me at 23.99% so they thought they would throw a monkey wrench in the works! Scumbags!


I had a card with them. Paid my balance off every month.

My checking account is with a credit union which doesn't have a local place i can go to make deposits. I lost my debit card so i was unable to make deposits in my checking account. I gave my friend the money and used his account to pay on my FPB account. FPB then suspened my account saying there might be payment fraud.

I called customer service, they asked me to fax them a copy of a stmnt showing the payments cleared, I did. Then they wanted a letter from my friend saying he allowed me to make the payments, I did. I waited and waited for them to remove the suspension. 1.5 weeks later, still no resolution.

I called and canceled my account with them because of their BS. The account is at a zero balance and closed. They told me the suspension was for my protection, yeah right. protection from some one paying on my credit card?

What a bunch of BS!

It's only there to protect them. Even after I sent in all the documents they didn't remove the suspension, and kept saying it would take a little longer.


I have had a First Premier card for a few years, after about the first year, they sent me another one. All was fine until I was mugged at gunpoint this past August. I called FP to report them stolen, and got their automated system that wouldn't let me in until I entered my card number (which I didn't have). I somehow, finally, got a human and reported them stolen. They were to send me replacements right away.

One new card arrived, then 2 letters saying my account was suspended. I FAXed AND mailed copies of utility bills to verify my address, and I'm still shut off.

The worst thing is, they locked out my online access to pay the bill. They charge a fee for pay by phone.

I have explained the situation to them over and over, and they are NO help at all.

I'm not going to pay them at all any more until they resolve this.

I'd like to know if there is a Federal Agency I can report them to.





I just closed my First Premier Card after one year of perfect payment history and not a single blemish on my account. I got charged an annual fee on 2 cards, which I know I agreed to, but after a year my credit score had so vastly improved I now longer needed to carry an account with such high fees.

When I called to close the account a foreign guy treated me so poorly that I will NEVER go back. They could have probably talked me into a better product with them. I had no complaints up until that. It was so over the top rude that I am still angry.

I cannot understand why they do not investigate that call and fire that employee.

I had done nothing to deserve that treatment. Really disappointed in First Premier Bank.


Filed against :

First PREMIER Bank

Complaint Description:

Many web sites are dedicated to this institution providing poor customer service and excessive fines. To validate this all one has to do is google First Premier Bank and visit the sites of individuals providing reviews about service. I have dealt with this company for a month and have suffered rude, short, and painfully ill rapport with customer service from this "bank". The issue that truly needs to be addressed is the excessive poorly represented fees attached to my account and additionally excessive fees for what would be standard account service. The most ludicrous fees are the program fee, account set up fee, and participation fee. Overall activation of the account was in excess of $170.00 in fees that are not normal credit charges. In short someone sat down and decided to attach as many fees as possible to their clients. The biggest slap in the face is the monthly fee to view your account online. This is just outrageous! I have never had to pay for account access with any bank I have held an account with! It gets worse from there: if you make a payment via telephone you get charged a "convenience fee" in the double digits, and large fee is attached to making a payment online. It is known that banks may charge such fees legally . . . as long as they are competitive within the market. Once these fees are excessive and beyond what the average instition charges within the shared market it does become a dance a bank will do on the line of enforcable law. I believe First Premier Bank is crossing the legal line and a class action lawsuit may be a viable option. It should also be noted a new consumer law is expected to pass on January 2010 that will go directly at banks that have excessive fees towards their clients like First Premier Bank. At a time of people falling deeper in debt the fees First Premier Bank are almost, if not, criminal. I am a 100% disabled veteran that fought in Iraq, and my credit went from good to bad because of the time it took for the government to process and adjust my income. I have bad credit now and I understand that that creates issues with banks. I also understand when I am getting taken advantage of. I expect the BBB to confront this institution about the business practices it has and to press First Premier Bank into fair competitive services and fees within the industry. It would be best for First Premier Bank to stop the excessive fees before the new laws are passed that protect the consumer in a few months.

Your Desired Resolution:

A complete review of business practices, dealing specifically with excessive fines and charges that would make the products provided discontinue over-zealous fines and fees for expected practical standard service; (i.e. charges for on-line account management).

This case will be reviewed by a complaint specialist at the Better Business Bureau, and then forwarded to the business for their response. It is our policy to allow the business no more than thirty working days to respond to your complaint. Within those thirty days, we will write, fax, email or phone the company in an effort to seek a resolution to your case. You will be notified when the business has responded.

Braganca Paulista, Sao Paulo, Brazil #41586

imreloadin---- I want to share an observation with you and the readers of these articles about First Premier Bank. I notice how you like to chap up working for First Premier Bank.....Ohh it\'s a great life with all of these beneath you consumers which is pretty much my take on your position regarding your company.

However I noticed how you are selective in your responses. You do not seem to be commenting on complaints about RUDE customer service reps. Only things regarding your expertise, such as your Cardmember Agreement. Which I\'m sure you have a copy of near by since it is kind of like your employment bible.

What I think you should realize is; really all you are doing is parading yourself around like you are some know-it-all with your rule book. What you should consider is that YOU are that RUDE or TERRIBLE customer service rep.

So stop the parade and aknowledge that yes you are that RUDE customer service rep. (CRITICIZE)!

Braganca Paulista, Sao Paulo, Brazil #41562

Once again I catch you sir. (imreloadin).

Sorry to break it to you but I hope you have other dreams and aspirations. Eventually you will be unemployed. The reason why is because your company will be forced by Legislature to drastically change the way your bad credit consumer dept. operates.

I forsee 2 different outcomes for you sir. Once your company is forced to play by the new rules they will stop making the easy-buck. So FP bank can either close it's doors on the bad credit consumer cards, or play by the new rules and try to maintain competitive in the market. which they already do.

Just not in your department. When these new rules are implemented in the next 12-18 months. Your department will either be expunged or drastically changed. The change will cause a move to a different state and unless you are willing to move The only thing I would be loading is words on your resume or perhaps some college credits if you do not have enough already.

By the way sir, This will happen it might be a year it might be 2 years.

Either way your department for bad credit consumer cards will be coming to an end. (CRITICIZE)!

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