Maite, Guam

I received a call from Collector representing First Premier Bank. The caller identified as "Kamal" was rude and insisted I give him my account info right then and there.

Because I was at work, I asked him to call me back the next day at the same time so I may retrieve the info he needed.

Instead he calls at 7:00am and insisted I give the info and then told me I was avoiding the call and continued to harrass me for the info. I do not give account info over the phone until I verify the callers I.D.

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Braganca Paulista, Sao Paulo, Brazil #41613

I would suggest looking at the. Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. This will squander your callers if you know your rights. First of all A person contacting you for the purpose of collecting a debt must I repeat By LAW, MUST Identify themselves. Also you can request that they only contact you at a specific number like your house-phone only....also you have the right to dictate what time and what days and times they are allowed to call.

There is an employee for First Premier Bank posting on this website and he/she would probably say I am wrong but the truth be told at the link below....Know your rights you do have them. These rights are far above any agreement you ever made with First Premier Bank they are federal LAW.

Good luck to all. here is your link.

Burlington, North Carolina, United States #5888

Was he actually from the company or not?

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