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I just recently noticed that Premier was charging me $8.00 a month even if I didn't have a balance. Not understanding what they were charging me for, I called to inquire. Customer Service was very rude, and couldn't explain why I was being charged this fee, but that I had agreed to it, when I accepted my card. So I then told the rude woman that I would like to close my account, that I was no longer interested in being charged this fee. After... Read more

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Tried to check up on my 2 credit cards with First Premier. They stated that the credits were invalid and when trying to talk to a customer representative, they said my social security number was also invalid. Read more

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These people claimed my payment didn't clear and they charged a late fee. I tried to talk to them because the payment cleared. They again lied. They then said they had suspected fraud on the account and blocked the card. Then I called again and they said they didn't know what the fraud was for and it was probably just because I was a new customer. They block my log in every time a payment is due so they can charge late fees. DO NOT GET A CARD... Read more

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Customer service has never experienced all the answering phone just say I don't know and talk with customer as homeless no respect I want stop with these people Add comment

I am so tired of them ripping people off it dont make nk sense that you make a payment and then u cant use your card until monday i dint appreciate the rude customer service please do something about this matter or else my lawyer will be contacted you thanks mrs calhoun Add comment

I got a pre-approved mail offer for a First Premier Credit Card. When I applied I got approved, and my card was sent to me in what would be considered a reasonable amount of time. I was using my card everywhere, gas, food, school books, you name it this was my go to card and with the ability to make payments as I went really helped me keep my account low. One day my account got temporarily closed for what they claimed was a returned payment. So... Read more

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I have been a customer with First Premier bank for 2 years. A week ago my account was closed because they stated i made a payment and it was declined because i was a non authorized user. The acount i used was linked to the debit card that i used to pay my bill for two years. I was told the bank needed to fax over a letter verfying i am the account holder. Well, my bank doesnt fax letters to other creditor and advised me to fax my statement to... Read more

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I had two cards with First Premier. The one was a few days late and I paid on the other and went to use. It was frozen. When I called to ask why this was, they said it was stated somewhere in the agreement that they could do this. When I ask them to verify this over the phone, the person on the other end could not find it even with someone telling him what to say - so I ask for a supervisor. All-in-all, I was on the phone for 45 minutes. ... Read more

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Never been a customer of First Premier Bank but they somehow got 300 dollars out of my US Bank account. Had to cancel my debit card and get my bank to refund the fraudulent charge. Also caused me to overdraft. The only way to report fraud with them was to fill out a paper and send it in through snail mail, which for obvious reasons I wasn't going to give them more information than they needed. If you are a customer, buyer beware. Read more

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I sent a letter and a final payment to First Premier Bankcard requesting my account be closed. Before the check cleared I had interest accrued in the amount of $16.31. I phoned to make that payment and request confirmation the account was closed (so no more annual or service fees or interest). The girl had to transfer me to a "specialist." The specialist Tammy, who also stated she was the supervisor tried to get me to keep the account open... Read more

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