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I had two cards with First Premier. The one was a few days late and I paid on the other and went to use. It was frozen. When I called to ask why this was, they said it was stated somewhere in the agreement that they could do this. When I ask them to verify this over the phone, the person on the other end could not find it even with someone telling him what to say - so I ask for a supervisor. ... Read more

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Never been a customer of First Premier Bank but they somehow got 300 dollars out of my US Bank account. Had to cancel my debit card and get my bank to refund the fraudulent charge. Also caused me to overdraft. The only way to report fraud with them was to fill out a paper and send it in through snail mail, which for obvious reasons I wasn't going to give them more information than they needed.... Read more

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I sent a letter and a final payment to First Premier Bankcard requesting my account be closed. Before the check cleared I had interest accrued in the amount of $16.31. I phoned to make that payment and request confirmation the account was closed (so no more annual or service fees or interest). The girl had to transfer me to a "specialist." The specialist Tammy, who also stated she was the... Read more

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Only company that decides to hold your money for a full week after payment is POSTED. The balance reflects your payment but they will not release the available credit. No other credit card company does this to my knowledge as it is unfair and pointless. What is the incentive for them to do this? I'm aware of how ACH works and if it is debited from your account they got their money, plain and... Read more

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First Premier suspended my credit card because I was making to many payments towards it. They asked for various information to be faxed over to reinstate my card. I'm on day ten since sending the info requested. I won't be using them when, if, I get my money they are holding. I'm contacting the BBB regardless to address this business. My advice to anyone considering signing up with Premier, DO... Read more

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Your customer service is horrible . I worry for existing customers because you have fleecing down as good as a carney. Add comment

I have a fraudulent charge on my card. I have used it a few times in the first months after getting the card than stopped using its and just payed the monthly fee. We moved, i did not receive a statement, you cannot get one online or look at any charges on line unless you are signed up for only online statements. So to turn this charge in for fraud you have to sign the back of the statement and... Read more

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Beware, consumers! First Premier Bank will not allow the payment you make on the DUE DATE to post (or even be noted) to your account on that date. There will be no record (other than your own - via whatever payment method you used) that the payment was made on the actual due date. If that's not bad enough, check out the message I received today when trying to make my payment: "You have exceeded... Read more

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Premier First is a joke, I lost my card and hadn't been receiving my statements... I called 5 different numbers literally 20 times before I got in touch with them, then they said two weeks before I'd get another card... I had payments set up prior to getting a card sent... But I couldn't get my account number given to me to do it... What a tard factory... Add comment

Repeatedly solicited me to take their card. I finally accepted to add to credit rating. First red flag was demanding $175 for the "privilege". Made every payment on time by phone (RUDEST employees!) and always paid balance in FULL. Over 4th of July weekend, called on 6th of month to pay on time, as always. Got recording saying I was calling "after hours" even though it was the middle of the... Read more

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